Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter with soul of Marketing 3.0

The following posts, one for each chapter of the book are related to the new Marketing 3.0 according to Philip Kotler: 

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The new soul of marketing 
Progress is part of humanity. The evolution of science and technology is somewhat surprising, and as a result, things that seemed impossible are now easily achievable. And marketing is also part of this evolution. From marketing 1.0 which is focused on the product, through marketing 2.0 which focuses on the consumer,today we face a new approach...Read more

Technology and social horizontal communications marketing The marketing concept has evolved, adopting at different times of life. The classic model of marketing 1.0, which focused on promoting the product, step in the decade of 90 to marketing 2.0,time when personal computers and the Internet. This incentive sharing word of mouth, which led companies to focus on emotional marketing...Read more

Conversation is the new advertisement A basic point that every company must have assumed it is its mission, the reason for their existence. It is therefore important to know the three main characteristics of a good mission, these are: the creation, introduction of a suggestion that could change the lives of consumers, dissemination, there is always a good story that moves people... Read more
An organization with values attracts better employees The corporate image is essential for consumers. Recently, a survey revealed that the most admired professionals are those who make a personal difference in the lives of people, including teachers, doctors and nurses, and the least admired are the sellers and advertising executives. Undoubtedly, respect values ​​as: integrity...Read more
Channel Partners are like a marriage At any organization, it is essential to have distribution channels to achieve a personalized service to its customers. While it is essential to have channel partners, so is identifying the values ​​and determine their compatibility with our organization. In Marketing 3.0, this partnership
 or collaboration is like a marriage between two human beings, is to share...Read more

Marketing 3.0 and social responsability A successful organization is not successful by itself, but depends on weaving a network of stakeholders, including consumers,employees, channel partners, the government and shareholders, all of whom have an interest in the business and its results . To satisfy thesewill lead to greater long-term profitability of the company...Read more

Responsible marketing and social cause Consumers are more inclined to organizations that have a positive impact on socio-cultural, therefore, companies must meet the challenges of society and help in finding solutions to the needs of society. When consumers are well informed and begin to see the products as commodities, this becomes a great challenge for companies...Read more
An horizontal society with opportunities for everyone Today, the structure of wealth in mankind is a pyramid, which means that there are people who have high purchasing power, there are other mid-level, while others who are at the bottom, are the people with very low income living in poverty. Companies generate the vast majority of economic development and should help this segment of low social incomes...Read more

Marketing 3.0 and its impact on the environment Making a difference is critical for businesses, a way to do it, is creating environmental impact, as it is one of the biggest global challenges of our time. Many organizations have to work in terms of helping the environment all of which create differences in the competition as they convert their internal values ​​into an advantage...Read more
The creed of Marketing 3.0 If we analyze the roots of marketing and fully understand them, we find ten faiths integrating marketing and values. I) Love and respect customers and competition - this means win the loyalty of consumers, touch the spirit and their emotions. On the other hand, competition is important, because without it, the market would grow more slowly. II) Be ready... Read more